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Smiling, Tsunade looked down at her miniature double.

"Go create monuments dedicated to worshipping me," she commanded.

The doppelganger saluted the real Tsunade. "Yes, my goddess," her clone said as it turned around and began to form monuments and tributes to the gigantic bikini-clad goddess.

"Now that this is taken care of," muttered Tsunade as a smile slowly appeared on her face, "I can have some fun."

Carelessly glancing around at the landscape before her, Tsunade searched for a suitable target; after a quick 5 second glance, Tsunade found her objective: the Land of Waves. Taking a couple steps forward, Tsunade stepped into the ocean between the two lands, the water barely reaching the top of her ankles. Facing the entire Land of Waves, Tsunade wore a smile accompanied with an evil gleam in her eyes as she raised her red painted toes just enough so that they would break the surface of the water.

"You can all earn your place in my world,” commanded Tsunade. “You may begin by using your precious ocean to clean your goddess’s feet!"

The people of the Land of Waves simply stared at the colossal beauty before them; this simply wasn't humanly possible.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Tsunade yelled. "Cleanse the feet of your goddess, Tsunade!"

The mortals below just stood in both fear and rebellion; there was no way they were going to obey this mysterious giant woman, no matter how large she was.

"I see. So you don't wish to follow orders, eh? Pity; I'll have to make an example of you of what happens when you disobey a direct order from the goddess of the planet!"

Without any hesitation, Tsunade quickly dropped onto her knees, causing incredible earthquakes to shake the surrounding area. At the same time, an enormous tidal wave, at least 500 ft in height, emerged from the ocean and swept through the Land of Waves. Everything within 10 miles of the wave's impact on land was flooded into the ocean, destroying everything in sight with a massive flood. After the water receded back into the ocean, there was now only a drenched plain where the Land of Waves formerly existed. Standing back up to her full height, Tsunade looked at the desolate and lifeless land coldly.

"You fools," she muttered as she shook her head. Thats two of the major countries already, Tsunade thought. Raising her voice, Tsunade bellowed, "Let it be known that the Village Hidden in the Leaves and The Village Hidden in the Waves were annihilated because they disobeyed the goddess of Earth."

Pausing, Tsunade actually heard nervous murmuring and signs of panic coming from all over the world. Letting her lipstick-covered lips form into a twisted smile, Tsunade continued:

"Do not fret, petty mortals, your goddess is kind. All I request is obedience. Obey my every whim and you may live, as well as wield the honor of being able to pleasure your goddess. Disobey me, however, and this shall happen…"

Raising her gigantic right bare foot into the air, Tsunade hovered it over the small island that was the Land of Waves. Without a moment’s hesitation, Tsunade stomped her foot into the island, destroying it and eliminating any sign of its existence. Relishing in the power she wielded, Tsunade tilted her head back and laughed at her newest accomplishment.

"Hahahaha! And let that be a lesson to the rest of the countries on Earth! If you don't listen to the almighty goddess Tsunade, you will no longer exist on my planet!"

The people in neighboring countries began to fear for their own lives; this woman, this evil giantess, would stop at nothing to achieve total authority over the planet. Not wanting to suffer the same fate as the Land of Waves, a few people in each village began to bow down and declare their allegiance to the massive bikini-clad blonde.

"I see that some of you are learning...Good. I think another little display of my power should 'convince' the rest of you..."

With a smirk on her face, Tsunade let out a slight moan; within her, another powerful pulsation had just swept through Tsunade's perfect body. The ever-pleasurable pulsation echoed again and again throughout her being; like before, Tsunade suddenly rose up in height, growing at an unrealistic rate that surpassed all of her other previous growths combined. Moaning in utter bliss, Tsunade felt the bottom of the ocean and the continents themselves brush against her crimson-painted toes. Giggling at the ticklish sensation her toes were creating simply by expanding into landmasses, Tsunade finally felt her growth reach a halt. Looking around at her new view of the world, Tsunade measured herself to have doubled in height; she was now 50 miles tall. Eyeing her toes, Tsunade carelessly flicked them into the land before her, destroying miles of land and killing thousands.

"Hahahaha! This is much better!" Tsunade laughed. "Now, worship me!"

After witnessing her latest expansion, all of the people in the surrounding area dropped to their knees and proclaimed Tsunade as their goddess; if she had caused all this destruction simply by growing, they could only imagine all the panic she could cause if she actually tried to be malicious. Off in the distance, Tsunade was able to spot her now miniature doppleganger; after her latest spurt, it now barely reached her ankle.

Chuckling, Tsunade gazed over her planet from her new height, relishing the feeling of being a goddess. It was then that the mocking voice of Neku echoed in her head again. My, you have gotten big, Tsunade. Shame, just a tad bigger and you could've wielded the planets themselves like toys.

Frowning, Tsunade looked up at the sun that glistened above her, far out of reach, almost as if it teased her.

" have the uncanny talent to piss me off," Tsunade muttered aloud.

Why, thank you Tsunade. I take it you're going to grow again?

"Grow? What a wonderful idea Neku!" Tsunade yelled as a familiar feeling immediately pulsed through her entire body.
Part six of my collab story with Awesomex18
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i can do that and i'm not even remotly gaint sized
*reading a book with a fake make-out paradise covor that's actually a Redacegod story printed out and put in a book*
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I orgasmed at the part where everyone died.
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